NI Primary Schools Launch Pupil Profiling

Understanding Pupil Profiling in NI Primary Schools

2007/2008 sees the start of Pupil Profiling in all Northern Ireland Primary Schools (years 1-7). This year it will rollout to years 1 and 5. The remaining years will subsequently roll out over the next 3 years.

So what is Pupil Profiling? The Department of Education NI (DENI) has stated this on their site:

“The Pupil Profile will contain a broad range of information on pupils’ achievements, progress, interests, aptitudes, and participation in enrichment activities such as clubs, societies and sports opportunities.  This information will help parents to make informed choices.

The Profile will be introduced in 2007/2008 for pupils in P5, and rolled out to all pupils in subsequent years.  This will ensure that parents of the first cohort of pupils transferring under the new arrangements will have a Pupil Profile covering at least two years to inform their decisions.

The Pupil Profile will not provide a single objective score that would allow pupils to be ranked and will not therefore be able to be used as a tool for selection.

The Council for the Curriculum, Examinations and Assessment has been developing the Pupil Profile over the last two years and has been testing and refining it with the help of teachers and parents.”

The Council for Curriculum Examinations and Assessment (CCEA) has been running a series of pilots in NI Primary schools for the past 2 years.  Their results and all related information is located on their website for NI Curriculum. There is also an excellent video explaining in “layman’s language” how it works, what the goals and reasons and the timeframe for roll are out.

I should note that the EERIC/STIC worked with CCEA last year in piloting their Interactive Computerized Assessment System (InCAS) with Year 5 students at St. Eithne’s Primary School in Londonderry/Derry NI.

There will be more information available in the coming weeks. 

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