Windows Live @ Edu

Windows Live @ Edu

Is your College or University looking for an email solution? Microsoft Windows Live @ Edu may be the answer you’re looking for.

·         The Windows Live @ edu program provides institutions of higher education with a suite of hosted communications services for students, alumni, faculty, and applicants. The centrepiece of the suite is Windows Live Hotmail, a brand new e-mail service from Microsoft built from the ground up.* Although Microsoft hosts the e-mail, your institution maintains control: you continue to create, delete, and store e-mail addresses for your constituents—as you do today. 

·         With Windows Live Hotmail, you’ll get:

o    Your e-mail, your domain (e.g. or

o    A 2-GB inbox per account**

o    Anti-spam and anti-virus protection

o    Shared calendars

o    One-click control over junk and spam e-mail

o    Co-branded web interface

o    A decade of experience

Contact Microsoft in your country or region and ask for the Education Business Manager 

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