Grannying-Does it happen where you are?

We may or may not have a unique situation here on the “little island of Ireland”. Because of the proximity of schools to the borders between Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland, there has been a “grey” area around understanding where children can enrol in the school of their choice. The term of “Grannying” implies (in this case) that students living in Donegal, Ireland are using their grandparents address in Northern Ireland in order to secure places in the schools of their choice. This has been a practice that has gone on for years.

Recently, 3 students were enrolled in St. Cecelia’s College in Londonderry/Derry in the Northwest corner of NI.  I can understand why any parent would want to send their child to St. Cecelia’s because I have worked with them in the past and they are a a forward thinking and innovative school that inspires their students. They are also a NI Specialist School (see previous blog). Because the numbers of places at the school is capped, the Department of Education refused to raise the cap and denied the 3 students admission.

Well, common sense has prevailed and the 3 students were allowed admission to St. Cecelia’s in a judgement this afternoon as posted by the BBC.

So my question is- does this happen where you are and how have they managed it?  

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