IT Academy Progamme in NI

MS IT Academy and the NI NHS

The Belfast School Technology Innovation Centre (STIC) has become the lead for the Microsoft IT Academy (ITA) programme in Northern Ireland.

Last year, working with our ITA partner,Prodigy, a series of initiatives and presentations took place through the STIC to showcase what the ITA had to offer and its benefits. Presentations were made to Schools and Community groups which resulted in the opening of 17 new IT Academies in NI.

As a result of these presentations, awareness of the programme was significantly raised in many sectors in the North. We were given the opportunity to give overview presentations to the Civil Service and other interested groups.

The Beeches Management Centre was one of the groups which showed a high level of interest in what the programme offered. Beeches “provide a range of management and organisational support, primarily for the Northern Ireland Health and Personal Social Services”.

As a result of several meetings, MS was invited to speak at their annual Essential ICT Skills Conference on Sept. 20th.  Terry Killer, MS Skills Manager UK, was the presenter on the day. Terry was chosen because he has worked closely with the NHS in England and Wales. His presentation was extremely well received.

As a direct result of previous meetings and our participation at the conference, Beeches is submitting a proposal to Government for an ITA pilot to be run this year at two Beeches training sites. Final details will be worked out by the end of October.

The STIC will be responsible for coordinating and facilitating all engagement with both Prodigy and Beeches throughout the pilot if the proposal from Beeches is approved. 

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