My visit to Dunshaughlin CC

Dunshaughlin CC– Global School of the Future

I have referred to Dunshaughlin CC is previous Blogs and today I had the good fortune of visiting their campus and meeting with Padraig Browne, Principal, and Janice Corrigan, Deputy Principal.  

I sensed an energy in the school that was exciting and very uplifting. While the building itself is fairly old and in need of upgrading, it showed me in very stark terms that it’s not the age of the building but the vision of the leadership team that can separate you from your contemporaries.

There is a palpable sense of excitement and passion in everyone you meet. You see a student body that walks through the corridors and between buildings with a confidence and sense of purpose that belies the surroundings. The school is due for a renovation in the next two years but they’re not waiting to capture and run with this special opportunity they’ve been given.

I’ll be working closely with them in the coming year and I look forward to sharing with you all the exciting and challenging projects we choose to do.Watch this space! Smile

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