Country Visits

EERIC/STIC Country visits

As you may have realized, the Microsoft School Technology Innovation Centre (STIC) is part of a larger Not-for- Profit Company called the European Education Research and Innovation Centre (EERIC). The partner make-up is the same as a typical STIC arrangement with HP, Intel, Cisco and our local Educational body, Classroom 2000 (C2k). While it is part or our mission to showcase and advance Educational technologies from each of the partners’ solution set, we also host visits from other countries to showcase the C2k Managed Service Solution and our respective technologies.

Ministries and Departments of Education from countries around the world are very keen to see what the C2k solution is and learn from their experience. This Managed Solution to 930+ Primary Schools and 340+ Post Primary Schools is one of the largest (if not THE largest) networked ICT for education solutions in the world.

 Along with that, the EERIC/STIC partners invite and host other countries to meet with C2k and learn about what’s been accomplished and how they plan to meet the challenges of growth, changing technologies and Government spending. The C2k Management and Technical Teams deliver compelling and real experience presentations on what they do and how they do it.

This month alone we’ve seen a visit of Senior Ministry of Education delegates from Singapore hosted by C2k, HP and Northgate Information Systems. Also, we’ve had a visit from the Ministry of Education of Belarus hosted by Cisco Systems.

Both visiting groups were very impressed by both the C2k solution and the level of Partner integration they witnessed at the Centre.

As I get the formal feedback from the hosting partners, I will make it available on my Skydrive.

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