Microsoft Silverlight

We had a great session at the STIC today around Microsoft Silverlight . Martha Rotter, MS DPE Ireland, came up from Dublin for a morning session with the management team from MMC Consulting who have some really powerful offerings in the Education and Community space.

In Education they offer a variety of products all based on .NET through that are making real inroads in the NI Education sector. Their 2 key products are Curriculum Mapping and School Development Planning (still in development).

In the Community sector they are working with the Department of Finance and Personnel (DFP) NI and offering the MYGroupNI to over 2500 community based organisations.

Silverlight workshop 001Martha met with Frank McGonagale and Steven Knox of MMC to discuss how to best deploy Silverlight on  their sites. They have already done some preliminary testing and went away completely energised to implement and deploy Silverlight.

  Be sure to visit the website to learn more aout what’s already been done and what you can do youselves


Watch this space to be keep up to date on what they develop.

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