A new African STIC

My colleague, Angela Schaerer-STIC Manager in Johannesburg, has put in a ton of work to open a new STIC in Lesotho. Here is her announcement:

The first National School Technology Innovation Centre (STIC) in sub-Saharan Africa was launched at the Lesotho College of Education in Maseru, Lesotho on Wednesday 11 June by the Minister of Education and Training, Mrs Mamphono Khaketla. The Lesotho STIC forms part of the Microsoft global STIC network and was initiated by the Africa STIC which is successfully operating from Johannesburg under the Partners in Learning Programme.

The Lesotho STIC will support the development of skills for employability, job creation and continued career development appropriate for the 21st century workforce in the Kingdom of Lesotho, within a globally competitive world.

clip_image001 clip_image002

Minister of Education and Training, Mrs Mamphono Khaketla, opens the doors of the Lesotho STIC

With support and guidance from the Africa STIC based in Johannesburg, the Lesotho STIC is expected to have the following outcomes in support of their vision:

· Testing/proof of concept, research and evaluation of new technologies  for teaching and learning

· Showcase and demonstrate innovative use of technology that has potential for positive impact on inclusive teaching and learning

· Provide a programme for continued professional development

· Skills and best practise transfer and sharing for innovative in-service and pre-service teachers and school leadership

· Advisory role for policy and procedures in ICT integration

· Facilitate and host STIC events and programmes

· Education and stakeholder community hub where the effective use of ICT in school administration, teaching and learning may be discussed, adopted and disseminated

We are proud to welcome the Lesotho STIC to the global STIC network

Well done Angela and the whole South Africa PiLs Team

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