Scottish Learning Festival

Every year I try and make a point of attending the Scottish Learning Festival (It used to be called SETT) and I never come away disappointed. I’ve always enjoyed this much more than BETT because it’s smaller and has a terrific choice of seminars and keynotes, along with a wide variety of exhibitors. It is put on by Learning Teaching Scotland and it is the leader in organization and choice in my humble opinion.


It was really great to see the UK Microsoft Partners in Learning (PiL) represented by Kristen Weatherby, Stuart Ball, Bob McGonigle and Steven Grier. They were showcasing the UK Innovative Teachers Network site and Photosynth.

While I was meeting with folks from the Regional Training Unit (RTU) and Classroom 2000 (C2K), I still had a chance to attend some of the seminars and 1 of the keynotes. The one I was most blown away by was from Ewan McIntosh on the subject of "Thinking Out of the Xbox- Gaming for Learning". It didn’t have anything to do with Xboxes but it was a great title to get people to come along and hear what he had to say. Take a few minutes to see his Blogsite and look at all of the great examples of how Teachers are using a variety of games to deliver compelling, engaging and memorable lessons. I was especially impressed with the work being done by Tim Rylands using Myst.


Looking forward to next year already.

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