Update from Hong King

Well, it’s been an exciting and amazing trip so far. We’ve had an opportunity to see a lot of Hong Kong and this really is an unbelievable place. If you like shopping, I guess this would be your heaven.Me and Angela


Here I am at the top of Victoria Peak with Angela, the STIC Manager from Johannesburg, South Africa. The view was truly unbelievable.



The Teachers from Northern Ireland and Ireland have been getting on like they’ve known each other for years. Here are a few photos:

The whole Irish Team

The Irish Team

 Tom and Ciaran set up Eileen with her displayCiaran and Tom setting up Drawing an audience Eileen setting up  Kate's displayMe with Brazil

The big competition finishes today with the winners announced tonight. Wish them all luck and I’ll let you know what happens tomorrow.

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1 Response to Update from Hong King

  1. Gerard says:

    Come on Eileen!Your display looks great .. hope you’re enjoying Hong Kong.. goodluck in the final stages of the competition!Your colleague, Gerard

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