DigiYouthz Launches in Dublin


Yesterday I had the good fortune to attend the launch of DigiYouthz at the Microsoft offices in Dublin. There were almost 100 Students and Teachers in attendance and the energy was very high. The Microsoft team did a terrific job of showing how ICT and Computing can be a great course choice in University level and Further and Higher Education.

About DigiYouthz from their website:

"What’s it all about?

The first Microsoft DigiYouthz is taking place in Dublin this November. Our aim is to educate and inspire teenagers while breaking down the stereotypes typically associated with careers in technology. During the event, students interact with Microsoft employees and managers to gain exposure to careers in business and technology and to get an inside look at what it’s like to work at Microsoft. This exciting event provides students with career planning assistance, information about technology and business roles, thought-provoking exercises, and interesting Microsoft product demonstrations. By participating in the Microsoft DigiYouthz Day, young people can find out about the variety of opportunities available in the high-tech industry and can explore future career paths."

I’ve been involved in a similar scheme in Northern Ireland working with Momentum NI called

Bring IT On. image

Hopefully, we’ be able to share our experiences and feedback in the coming months and make a real difference as to how students look at ICT and Computing in 3rd level Education.

More to follow

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