MediaScapes and Education

I’ve been attending the MscapeFest08 Conference for the past two days.


If you’re not familiar with MediaScapes (Mscapes) from Hewlett Packard Labs, I quote from their site:

"Mscapes offer digital experiences directly related to where you are. Running on GPS-enabled mobile devices, they enrich the physical world with a layer of information, services and media."

There were people from 20+ countries in attendance and the agenda was a busy one with speakers showcasing their work and leading workshops and discussion groups.

It’s amazing what schools here in Northern Ireland are doing with MediaScapes with the backing of C2k and the Department of Finance and Personnel, Delivery and Innovation Division. There are over 20 Mscapes already finished by Primary and Post Primary schools across the province. You can see two examples of them:

Mscape software is a free download from HP that runs on Windows PCs and Windows Mobile devices 5.0 and higher with GPS.

The BBC in Northern Ireland has really embraced the technology and are delivering some terrific Mscapes. Visit their site and see what they’ve done with the Ghosts of Nendrum.

I was lucky enough to sit with my friend Davy Sims and he will be loading up a stack of podcasts from the event in case you want to hear what the speakers had to say. Thanks Davy!!

I’m thinking about running a Mscape competition for next year’s Innovative Teachers Awards in Vienna. I’ll keep you posted for any updates.

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