Microsoft at CES 2009

Yesterday, Steve Ballmer gave the keynote address at the Computer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas. You can see a video of his keynote on the Microsoft at CES 2009 website. I was especially interested in 2 of the presentations that were part of the keynote.

The 1st was the presentation by Robbie Bach, Microsoft President of Entertainment and Devices Division, and the new Xbox programming tool for children called Kodu (formerly called Boku). Watch as 12 year old Sparrow showcases her skills. What a terrific way to introduce younger students to the world of computing. Makes you want to be 12 again.


The 2nd presentation that was really mind blowing was “The Future of Computing” where Janet Galore of Microsoft Research shows a conceptual demo of how Microsoft’s technologies of the future will radically change the way find, share and use information. It’s amazing to see how far technology has advanced over such a short period of time.

janet Galore

(Be sure to scroll down to see the video)

Stay tuned for more news at CES and BETT.

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