RSS-an information lifeline

I have long been a huge fan of RSS feeds. What is RSS or Really Simple Syndication? Well, rather than try and explain it, Commoncraft has already done the hard work to make it simple in layman’s language.


Prior to using Microsoft Office 2007, I had to get a free aggregate service to pull down my feeds and then go into them through that application. I had used RSS Bandit, but there are tons of them available. You can find a directory of them on  Wikipedia HERE.

One of great things about Microsoft 2007 is the RSS aggregator is built into Outlook, so you can get your feeds sent directly into your mailbox.


This way as you find sites that have the RSS feed link icon  image you can click on it and then add it to your feeds. Couldn’t be easier.


Now I just look at my Unread Mail. My new feeds are in there and I can see a quick snapshot of what the item is about and the click on the link if I want to see the full article. For example, from my Microsoft colleagues Dominic Watts and Ray Fleming:

image image

Now the articles and news that is important and interesting to me,FIND ME rather me having to FIND THEM  !!!!!! It makes life a lot easier and not to mention MORE PRODUCTIVE.

Besides the 2 above, some examples of feeds I received in the last few days:

Any many more. I hope you take the time to set up your feeds and get the real-time benefits from this terrific new (to some-Smile ) technology.

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