XNAFEST at University of Ulster Magee Campus


Are you teaching a gaming course in September-2009 in your college / University?

Are you planning to teach XNA?

Would you like course materials to teach XNA for a full semester?

The Microsoft XNA Academic Summit (XNAFEST 2009) will be held at the University of Ulster, Magee Campus on the 28th-29th May 2009. The summit is for academics currently using or considering using XNA as part of a video games course and the event will provide practical advice, tutorials and demonstrations from educators and industrial experts in this area.

We have an International line up of speakers from United Kingdom, Italy, Belgium and Ireland speaking at the event. The speakers have a wealth of industry and educational experience using XNA which they will share over the 2 days. 2 of the key speakers are Diego Colombo (Italy) and Riemer Grootjans (Belgium).

Diego Colombo worked on the game engine for SBK and MotoGP titles in Milestone. He has always been attracted by game technology and worked on XNA first prototype in 2006. Back at University of Pisa he taught courses on game design and game engine programming while carrying his research on meta programming for dynamic generation of game components. Now he works in Microsoft Ireland Research.

Riemer Grootjans received his degree in electronic engineering with a specialization in informatics at the Vrije Universiteit Brussel in Brussels, Belgium. Riemer maintains a website with tutorials for DirectX and XNA. In July 2007, he received the Microsoft MVP Award for his contributions to XNA community. Currently employed by Optrima – Vrije Universiteit Brussel, Riemer is the author of the book XNA 3.0 Game Programming Recipes: A Problem-Solution Approach.

To see the detailed schedule for the 2 day XNAFEST please visit XNAFEST or see the attached PDF…

If interested in attending please register HERE as places are filling up quickly and we have set a limitation at 100 academics for the XNAFEST.


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