Microsoft Surface in Education

I have finally come across a decent video on the Microsoft Surface and how it can be used by students in the classroom. I came across it in a Newsletter from my counterpart in Brussels, Jacques Denies-STIC Manager. He is collaborating with the province of Zeeland in the Netherlands on Surface. Both organizations will exchange resources on the usage of Surface in education. The Zeeuwse Bibliotheek (Zeeland Library) asked the company Onwijs to create applications.

I will keep you posted on any additional Educational applications as they become available. Hopefully, I’ll get a Microsoft Surface for the new Innovation Centre in Belfast (more details on that in the coming weeks-BIG NEWS ).

Think of the impact this technology can bring to the classroom!!


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1 Response to Microsoft Surface in Education

  1. Ray says:

    Hi Tom,There’s another Surface in Education video, made in the UK, which is on the UK Schools blog at

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