More for Free From the Innovative Teachers Network (ITN)

As you may (or may not know ), I manage the Northern Ireland Innovative Teachers Network. We currently have over 1100 registered users (Teachers). This year part of my key focus will be to drive usage of the site so Teachers can share best practice and have access to a wide variety of tools and software Microsoft Education makes available. I like to think of it as a “One Stop Shop” for Educators. If you look through this blog site, you will see some of the applications I’ve been showcasing and talking about for the past few years.

The Innovative Teachers Network Worldwide publishers a Newsletter and if you haven’t signed up yet, you really should.


As an example of what you’ll see in the latest edition, registered Teachers would be able to download a free copy of Microsoft Collage.image

I just downloaded it (HERE) with my credentials and very quickly created a collage of the Innovative Teachers Forum Awards in Hong Kong


image  Last day_AutoCollage_12_Images


You would also find out about:


Teacher Toolkit

So much of what you need to accomplish in a day happens before, between, and after classes. This site will provide you with resources and information to help keep your students, parents and teaching partners informed and engaged.
Communicate: manage your email accounts and customize calendars, use newsletters efficiently, hold interactive meetings and share documents online.
Collaborate: work together on and share notes and work together in online workspaces.
Engage: create, edit and share movies and podcasts and explore topics with multimedia tools.
Organize: easily find notes, videos and other files on your computer and create better looking projects – faster!



Teacher Tech Webcasts

Browse through the dozens of Teacher Tech Webcasts which are available to view on demand. A few examples:
Your Newest Teacher’s Aide: Online Geospatial Technologies
Discover how geospatial technologies can help educators and students search, discover, and share location-relevant information. The webcast demonstrates:
– How to exploit the geospatial element across curricula for a more holistic learning experience.
– How to teach spatial thinking using different views, panning, and zooming.
– How mapping is being used to provide school locators with comparison data, in addition to alert notification systems for campus safety.
Building, Creating and Leveraging Communities
Learn how to safely support and encourage new media in your organization, including podcasting, blogging, wikis, social networking, mobile devices, mash-ups, YouTube, and distance learning.
Create a Paperless Classroom
Instead of collecting and redistributing stacks of homework, quizzes, and tests, use the document sharing feature of Microsoft Office Live Workspace.


And there’s lots more, so don’t wait or put it off. Sign up for the Innovative Teachers Newsletter today !!!!

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