A RSS wander

As you can imagine, things really slow down in July when you work in Education. Teachers, Students and us at Microsoft take a well earned break. That doesn’t mean that Education stops though. Once you’re hooked on RSS feeds, like I am, you’re always learning and discovering new things. So I thought I would just share some of the cool feeds I got just today.


What’s new in OneNote 2010



From Alfred Thompson- The Computer Science Teacher, I went to the links for Mr Higgins’ Blog site and his Math Classroom links. If you’re a Math Teacher, you should be following theses feeds,

image image image

From Robert Scoble, his take on Office 2010 with a link to the video tutorials

image image

And from Kristen  and Stuart on one of my favourite sites Teaching Ideas and Resources


This is just a very small sampling of the type of feeds that come through every day. One that I should point out in particular is:

Jane Hart’s Centre for Learning and Performance Technologies. This site, more than any other I’ve come across, showcases more Web 2.0 solutions and applications for Teachers, Students and Educators than anyone else out there. It is a MUST FEED !!!    Thanks Jane for doing all of the leg work.


Hope you’re enjoying your summer and make sure to bookmark my site.

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