New Microsoft Data Centre Opens


From our General Manager, Paul Rellis:

Today is a great day for Microsoft in Ireland!.

An Taoiseach, Brian Cowen T.D. officially opened Microsoft’s newest data centre in Dublin, Ireland, expanding the company’s cloud computing capabilities for business and consumers in Europe.  This represents an investment which is a mind blowing $500m USD!.  This investment solidifies Microsoft’s commitment to Europe and to Ireland,  and demonstrates the importance of data centres as a cornerstone of the company’s cloud services offerings and how Microsoft is investing today for the future of cloud computing.  

The first mega data centre built outside of the U.S. is more than 300,000 square feet and represents the next evolutionary step in building out the company’s infrastructure to meet the demand generated from Online, Live, and Cloud services.  

The Dublin Data Centre (DDC) represents a breakthrough in data centre facility design and efficiency.  It has been developed with sustainability in mind – being 50% more energy efficient than traditional data centres.  The cool winds and rain help ! After 24 years in Ireland we are still investing.   

The Cloud has a Silver Lining for Irish Customers!    The launch of this Data Centre in Dublin offers us a fantastic opportunity to bring the message of Cloud computing to our customers like never before.  Customers have options to embrace the cloud, and Partners can build businesses, through:

Packaged applications hosted in the Cloud and managed directly by Microsoft or Partners e.g, Eircom.  These services are typically: Exchange, SharePoint and OCS/Live Meeting –  Customers are already seeing cost reductions of up to 45% across the globe with over 1m users signed up.  In Ireland, Chernobyl Children’s Project International is an Irish based example of an organisation using Microsoft Online Services (email and collaboration), in order to connect their 2,000 volunteers in Ireland and around Europe.  The charity has seen dramatic time saving of more than 20 hours per person per week for office based staff and seen their communication costs plummet by using Live Meeting instead of traditional conference calls.

Creating and running their own applications in the Cloud using our Windows Azure Platform We already have customers in Ireland who are embracing Software + Services solutions.   In recent weeks we have worked with Aer Lingus to help support its objective of improving the customer booking experience while also supporting the business objective of encouraging them to look at more offers from the airline.   We helped them to develop new booking models for customers, utilising a pay as you go model where costs are directly related to the size and scale of the solution – they are now in a position where they can scale for success without having to worry about forecasting or additional investment. No additional hardware provisioning was required and bandwidth provision is no longer a concern as they now have global reach.   In addition, Eirgrid is already using the shared computing resources provided by Microsoft’s Data Centres, and as a result believe all electricity users will benefit from increased security and reliability of supply.

We are also very excited to be working with a group of BizSpark companies many of whom are early adopters and are developing and hosting services in the cloud.  These are the innovators and entrepreneurs who will be at the heart of Ireland’s future economic success and part of the Smart Economy.  In addition to the launch, we are also hosting 30 of our BizSpark companies at an exciting event in the Data Centre, and announcing to them an Azure Academy which we will be running in October in conjunction with the NDRA.   This will be a very exciting event as this group are the optimistic and focused groups we at Microsoft have seen in recent times.

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