IEF 2009 Update

It’s important to point out the key roles that are held by Ireland (N+S) at the Forum this year.

The 1st key person is Deirdre Butler from St. Patrick’s College in Drumcondra which has been a College of Dublin City University.

Deidre is currently the Chairperson of the Partners in Learning Advisory Board so she is at the epicentre in helping Microsoft define the direction of the Worldwide Partners in Learning Programme and how it can make a difference in Teachers and Students lives.

From their website:

Deirdre Keynote Deirdre is a faculty member in the Education Department of St. Patrick’s College (a constituent College of Dublin City University) with chief responsibility for designing and co-ordinating learning programs for undergraduate and postgraduate students using a broad range of digital technologies to enable them to understand what being digital in learning can be.
She has close working collaborations with the Everyday Learning research group at Media Lab Europe and Seymour Papert’s Future of Learning Group at the MIT Media Lab.
Deirdre’s doctoral work was conducted in collaboration with Media Lab Europe under the supervision of Dr. Seymour Papert of the MIT Media Laboratory. Her dissertation centres around teacher learning and was entitled, “Self-determined Teacher Learning in a Digital Context: Fundamental Change in Thinking and Practice. Deirdre has developed a model of teacher professional development presently in use in several large projects, including the Empowering Minds community and the Diageo Liberties Learning initiative. Deirdre has consulted to and participated in educational development work using expressive computational materials in Mexico, Costa Rica, several European countries, and rural and urban areas of the Ireland.

Photo is of Deidre giving a Keynote presentation at last year’s event in Hong Kong

PS- She is also and above all a great lady !!!

The 2nd key person is Dr. Victor McNair from the University of Ulster School of Education. Victor has been selected for the 4th time to be a Judge at the Innovative Teachers Event. His deep understanding of relevant and impactful collaborative content and curriculum has been a great help to the Programme over the years. Victor would be considered one of the  Senior Judges due to his many past experiences with the Teachers and their Projects.

Byron, Victor and Jean seeing Vienna

Photo- Victor in centre with Byron and Jean Evans in Vienna

A few of Victor’s publications are:

McNair,V. (2005), Using VLEs to support student teachers

Clarke, L.M., Lambe, J.E. and McNair, V. (2004), Embedding e-Learning in Teacher Education

McNair, V (2004), Using a Virtual Learning Environment to Build Reflective Practice Among Student Teachers

McNair V, (2002), Recruitment in Technology and Design in Northern Ireland

PS again- Victor is also a great guy and a great friend

So rest assured that Ireland (N+S) are playing a key role in Microsoft’s Education roadmap .

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