Coming to a close

As we wrap up the last day of the IEF 2009, we prepare for the final event this evening. It will be the Gala Dinner at a venue that has been kept secret but we know it will be about 20 km away.

David on the last day presenting This morning the 24 Semi-finalist were announced and unfortunately, David’s “E Portfolio 5-65” didn’t get through. He’s done an amazing amount of work and delivered an incredible innovative way to engage his students. There is one more category up for grabs and that is the “Educators Choice Award”. This morning there was a 3 hour session where all of the participants in both the Teachers and Schools track were able to visit with the exhibitors and discuss their projects. Then each country here voted for their top 3 exhibits and submitted them to the organizing committee. This is where the Teachers say what they liked best. So let’s keep our fingers crossed and hope that the high level of activity David has had for 3 days translates into a place in the Educators Award.

And last but not least, I want to congratulate  Mandeep Atwal from England and Ollie Bray  from Scotland– both of whom are semi-finalists ! (Their projects – “Young Voices” and “Thinking out of the Xbox”, click HERE.)

Congratulations to all of the teachers at this year’s Innovative Education Forum!


      Ollie Bray

PS- I’ve been meaning to put up a photo of my esteemed leader and thank him for all of the things he made possible. So Dr. Kevin Marshall, thanks and I’ll buy you a beer tonight Smile


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