What a night!!

We had a night to end all nights last evening. The team from Microsoft Brazil put on an evening to be remembered. As I said yesterday, we didn’t know the venue until we got on the buses and what a venue it was. It was the Modern Art Museum (MAM)of Salvador. We were greeted by a Brazilian drum/dance group and everyone got right into the mood.

The was a festive and exciting air about the night seeing people from around the globe were gathered to celebrate excellence in teaching. Here are the teams from India, Scotland and Ghana but they were only 3 of 100 countries participating!!!!

After some local drinks and soups and lots of dancing we headed into the marquee which was erected especially for the event.

The July 2nd Orchestra The food and drinks were plentiful and the entertainment from the July 2nd Orchestra. This orchestra is only 2 years old and most of its members are in their team. There were incredibly good and the only orchestra I’ve ever seen that were dancing in their seats!!

They played before and after dinner and were called back for 2 encores. It was an incredible testimony to what can be achieved when the will and passion are there



Mandeep-the big winnerThen we came to the awards. David wasn’t fortunate to pick up an Educators Award but there was still an air of excitement. There will be more details about all of the winners when I get back to Belfast but the UK Team won two of the major awards for Collaboration. 

Ollie winning 2nd place


Mandeep was the big winner for Best Practice and Ollie took 2nd place.


This was by far the best night the Innovative Teachers Programme has ever had and I look for to the choice of next year’s location CAPETOWN, SOUTH AFRICA!!!!

... : Cape Town, South Africa

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