Getting access to view past VCTs

I’ve heard from several NI Teachers that they aren’t able to download and look at the past examples of the NI and RoI winning Virtual Classroom Tours (VCTs). This is because the SkyDrive folders are blocked on the C2k network. I should have thought of this when I sent out the emails and announcements. There are several ways around this.

The simplest and best way is to do this from home or a non-C2k connection. This way you can download  to your hearts content without having to deal with the security blocks the C2k network is required to implement.

A 2nd solution is the NI Innovative Teachers Network (NI ITN) site. After you have followed my instructions from the post on Nov. 30th, you need to join the ITF Berlin 2010 Community and all of the VCTs and required documents are there. A bit of advice when downloading a VCT. Because of their size and the site being a worldwide portal, it can at times be confusing and somewhat slow. My recommendation would be :

· Scroll down to the Community Shared Documents


· Bring up the dropdown list


· Then go to “Send-Download a Copy” and save it to your computer



Hopefully this will make it a lot quicker and allow you to look at the past entries whenever you’d like to.

The last way to see a wide variety of VCTs, is to register on the Partners in Learning Network site (using the same Live ID and Password you used for NI ITN) and see them there. The winners from Brazil are all highlighted on my blog post from the 9th of November

The  NI ITN site will be migrating over to the Partners in Learning Network site in 2010 and by using the same Live ID and Password, it will make you registration and migration seamless. Or at least that’s the plan

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