NI ITN Launch a Success!!

Welcome Today we launched the NI Innovative Teachers Network (ITN) Competition for Berlin 2010. It was held at the new Centre for Excellence in leadership, Innovation and Learning (CELIL). The Centre is not yet officially opened but this was the 1st time the facility was used and it was fantastic. There will be many updates in the coming weeks and months on this new Centre, so keep posted.

It was a fully packed 2 hours and we had Teachers, Principals and Vice Principals from Primary and Post Primary schools across the Province. The event was also supported by Stranmillis University College, University of Ulster, the Regional Training Unit of NI, Classroom 2000 the Department of Education NI Inspectorate, and the Dissolving Boundaries Programme. I couldn’t have asked for better endorsement or coverage.

The Agenda was set out and it kicked off with a video I created using Windows Live Movie Maker. This was my 1st try and I hope you like it and won’t be too critical



Navanna presenting After that, I showed some past winners from Vienna and Brazil. This was followed by a presentation from Navanna Doherty, St Mary’s College Derry, where she told of her experience of taking part and competing in the IEF 2009 Vienna Competition. I was especially stuck by when she said that, “participating in the Innovative Teachers competition in Vienna was the highlight of her Teaching career”.  That was a very rewarding thing for me to hear and I believe everyone in attendance saw how much the experience meant to her.


Navanna was then followed by Dr. Victor McNair from the University of Ulster (apologies for no pictures). Victor discussed his experiences as a Judge for ITN events. We have been very fortunate to have someone as respected and knowledgeable as Victor participating in the programme. That can be reflected in the fact that he has been invited by Microsoft to Judge at 4 events worldwide.

I then went into the details around what to do and how to do it, showcasing the NI Innovative Teachers website. The event finished up with a coverage of the Free Educational software applications from Microsoft that Teachers might consider using in their Virtual Classroom Tour (VCT). All of these can be found in the top right section of this website.

For anyone who missed the event and wants to know more, you should refer to my posts from Nov 30th and Dec 3rd. Make sure if you are considering entering the competition, you need to:


All of today’s presentations will be on my SkyDrive Berlin 2010 folder 

I want to say a special thank you the team and staff at Stranmillis for providing a great venue and wonderful catering. Also, special thanks go to Navanna Doherty and Dr McNair for participating. Last but not least, all of those who took the time to attend today’s launch. At this busy and hectic time of year, it is much appreciated

I hope everyone has a Happy and Healthy Holiday Season.

The next updates will be in the New Year!!

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