A Simple Explanation of Learning Platforms

There is a huge amount of discussion, debate and misunderstanding of “what is a learning platform and how can it help students, parents and teachers”. I follow the RSS feed of Mike Herrity (SharePoint in Education) who is a champion of using Microsoft SharePoint 2007 in his school (Twynham School) which in Christchurch, Dorset. Mike and his team are at the forefront in using SharePoint as their Learning Gateway. He posted this simple video a few weeks ago and I thought it was worth sharing with those people who might be confused about what  learning Gateway is and what it does. Thanks to Chris Thompson for creating this. I hope this helps you understand how Learning Gateways can add to and enhance the learning experience for students, teachers and parents.


Microsoft SharePoint 2010 is also now available

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1 Response to A Simple Explanation of Learning Platforms

  1. Chris says:

    Thanks for sharing the video, Tom. Glad it’s still useful. Much as I’d love to claim it’s all my own work, the Flash animation was done by my esteemed associate, Aaron Bowler.

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