A Successful Internet Safety Day

PSNI We’ll. we’ve wrapped up this year’s Internet Safety Day in Northern Ireland in conjunction with the EU Safer Internet Day 2010. It was by far our most successful event of this type to date. For the 3rd time, Microsoft Ireland volunteers paired up with officers from the Police Service of Northern Ireland (PSNI) and delivered Internet Safety training to Primary schools across the province. The numbers looked like this for the 30+ Officers and Microsoft volunteers:

· Students trained         4400

· Teachers trained          209

· MS staff trained            35

You can see what the Belfast Telegraph said about it HERE

Along with the activities taking place in the North, my colleague, Clive Evans, organised the 1st such pilot event in the Republic of Ireland. They visited 12 schools and was launched by Education Minister Batt O’Keeffe. You can see the Independent article HERE

Some of the feed back from the day:


· “we now know what is bad on the internet and how to stop it…. I remember how to stop viruses and bad things happening to us

· “I remember most that you should not share information with people you don’t know because they could find out who you are”

· “I found today extremely interesting – I learned you should not believe the popups and click the red X”


· “I wasn’t aware of the dangers, I need to go home and talk to my own children”

· “This presentation is a must and should be revisited every year – excellent”

· “I’m amazed by the number of children who play games online from my class!!!”

Microsoft volunteers:

· “by far the most enjoyable day I have had in a long time  – it’s enough to make you want to teach, the kids were just amazing”

· “Just wanted to say I had a fantastic day – couldn’t believe how engaging the kids where!”

· “that’s the best day at work I’ve spent in a long time”

CEOP Webslice Another big announcement made that day was from the Child Exploitation and Online Protection Centre (CEOP). They have just launched a customized version of Internet Explorer 8 that includes several add-ons to create a safer web browsing experience. One of the add-ons is the CEOP web slice which provides instant, one-button access to safety information for parents and children on topics like cyberbullying, viruses, hacking, and more. Two other add-ons integrate search providers for seeking out safety-related information. Finally, the customized browser includes links added to IE8’s Favourites for quick access to the CEOP website and its “thinkuknow” advice section.

  (Thanks Sarah Perez  )


You can download this customized bundle from here and it will look like this in your IE8 browser:


Stay Safe and Happy Surfing!!!

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