Microsoft Surface for CELIL

microsoft_surface As things start to move ahead with the launching of the Centre for Excellence in Leadership, Innovation and Learning (CELIL), I’m getting the Microsoft Surface ready for delivery to it’s new home. It is a really impressive piece of kit, but even more so when you think of the value it can bring to education. The site will need a bit more work for wiring and network connectivity (even though the wireless element is very good) but I’ll be moving it over as soon as I can. I plan to host the launch of the NI Innovative Schools Programme in late March/early April and I want it to be there for that.

I have been very lucky in finding a application developer in Infusion. I heard about them in BETT and gave them a call. They couldn’t have been more helpful and accommodating. They have given me access to their Infusion Education Suite for Surface, which I will be showcasing over the coming months. My colleague (and buddy) Jacques has also been give the applications for his Surface in the School Technology Innovations Centre (STIC) in Brussels. Here is a video from their site showing what it does.


A HUGE THANKS goes to Kevin Lasitz, Steve Harris, Neil Ray and Pieter Verbrugge for sharing these with me and Jacques.

If anyone out there has education focused Surface applications, let me know and I’ll showcase them for you.

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