Day 2 of IEF 2010

Well, the event is well underway. A great night last night with a very excited group of Teachers. The 2nd day consisted of 2 tracks- The Teachers Track and the Innovative Schools Track. The teachers had a Keynote from Dr Patrick Baudisch from the Hasso-Plattner Institute here in Germany. It was entitled “My new PC is a mobile phone”. A little too techie for me but many of the teachers enjoyed it. The Schools track had Dan Buckley from Education-Impact delivering a presentation on “Fullan Core Concepts Exercise”

The afternoon was a series of workshops and everyone attended 3 of these:

  • Pedagogical use of Office 2010
  • Digital Pencil case
  • Bring your class online with Live@Edu
  • Multipoint Mouse and Mischief
  • Using computer games to unlock learning
  • Teachtoday

That was followed by the 2nd round of judging and exhibitions of the teachers’ work. Matt was up this time and received very high marks for the great work he and the guys (Kevin, Neil and Ciaran) did. Here he is ready to present !!

Matt in his gear

There was a partner showcase where Hitachi Whiteboard, Microsoft Multi Point Server and workstations, Microsoft Surface and a few others were demoed.

The entire Western Europe Team went to dinner together at a very trendy Berlin restaurant called Sage. Very good and the wine was great. Then it was back to the hotel. Needless to say another very full day.

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