Day 3 of IEF 2010 (part 1)

This will only be the 1st part because I wanted to get something out before the Gala dinner this evening. The judges have been very secretive up to this point. They haven’t even told us the 24 semi-finalists choices yet. They will do it at the beginning of the dinner, so now everyone is nervous rather than just 24 !!!

The day started with the last Keynote from Jim Wynn from Cisco. Jim is an old friend who used to work for Microsoft and actually started the Innovative Education Forums 7 years ago, so it was great to meet up and talk with him again. His talk was entitled “Curriculum or Curriculum Architecture?”. As always Jim was though provoking and interesting.

The Teachers then went on schools visits to 5 German Primary and Post Primary schools. The Microsoft staff weren’t allowed (numbers limit) so I took the opportunity to see this fantastic city. I didn’t know what to expect from Berlin before I came but I can say I’ve been really impressed. This city is great and the scale of the buildings need to be seen to be believed. I took the bus tour and stopped at Checkpoint Charlie, the Holocaust Memorial and the Brandenburg Gate.

Overall, I can say that Berlin has won me over and hope I get the chance to come back with Caroline (wife) and Niki (daughter).

I will tweet the results as soon as we hear anything so stay tuned and make sure you text or tweet back !!

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