A Visit to Bangor Academy

bangoracademy_1 Mr Hyndman-Principal Today I visited the Bangor Academy and Sixth Form College in (where else) Bangor Co. Down. I was there for a Teacher Staff day to do a presentation on what Microsoft does in Education and to show them some of the great programmes and tools we have for Teachers, schools and students. This was my 1st visit to the school which has been open for just under 2 years and I was very impressed by the scale and layout. This session was arranged by Norman Coates the ICT Advisor for the South Eastern Education Library Board (SEELB) and for that I am very grateful. I was able to have a good 2 hours to show the Teachers the software that is all free and available on this website. I then walked them through the Innovative Teachers Network and the Innovative Schools Programme. There were 90 plus Teachers in for the day and I hope they all got a little something out of the session. My goal in every one of these Teacher Staff days is “to make every person in the room CURIOUS of at least 1 thing they saw” . They can go away in their own time and look at and play with it and decide for themselves whether or not it is something they can use. I hope I at least achieved that.

After I finished there were a series of workshops and Mr. Hyndman was kind enough to bring me around and pop into a few. We saw the ones on Microsoft Movie Maker, RIPT, Publisher, Alta Math and Interactive Whiteboard skills. It was a well organised and informative day. I’m very anxious to do more work with the Academy and see that they participate in the Innovative Teachers Network and the Innovative Schools Programme so watch this space!!

Movie Maker workshop                   Whiteboard training

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