Innovative Schools Pathfinder Applications-Now Available

With the pending launch of the NI Innovative Schools Programme on April 20th, I wanted to let those interested schools have pre-launch access to the application materials required . They can be found in 2 ways (all interested schools and teachers will be required to join both sites).

The 1st way is to join the NI Innovative Teachers website (if you already haven’t-look for Northern Ireland in the dropdown list) ) and then to join the Community for NI Innovative Schools Programme. All relevant documents and dates are posted in this Community. It is very important that all Teachers, Principals and Vice Principals interested in the Innovative Schools Programme join this Community in order to capture the number of interested educators and to secure the necessary funding to support the sustainable delivery of the programme in NI.

image The 2nd way (and also required) is to join the Partners in Learning Network (if you already haven’t- look for Global  in the dropdown list) and then join the WW Innovative Schools Community



**TIP– Join both sites with the same Live ID (Hotmail, Live email accounts)  and use the same password. It will make life much easier. If you don’t have a Live ID, you can sign up HERE

There will be a series of Online-Virtual Universities for all interested schools starting on April 26th. All of the relevant details can be found in both of the Communities mentioned above.

If you are intending to attend the launch on April 20th on the campus of Stranmillis University College, please notify me by email. I look forward to seeing you all there. Coffee and Tea available from 9:30.


Open to Primary and Post Primary Schools only!!

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