VUs and a New World of Business Resource

Hi all. I wanted to make you aware of several activities and resources that are now live or are happening in the coming few days.

If you missed the 1st 2 Virtual Universities for Innovative Schools, you can see a recording of the Live meeting for:

  • May 10th- Innovative Schools Program Overview and Application Process 101 HERE
  • May 18th- Envisioning (1st of 2) HERE

Remember, you must have joined the Microsoft Partners in Learning Network 1st. (Instructions). You DO NOT have to be applying for Pathfinder status to join the WW Innovative Schools Community.

There will be a 3rd Virtual University (Envisioning 2nd of 2) on Monday June 7th at 2:00. You can join it HERE


Microsoft Ireland has just published its 1st eBook platform to support the launch of Office 2010 and SharePoint 2010.


This eBook is designed to be a living repository to which we will add more case studies and examples as the 2010 and Cloud wave gathers more references through FY 11.

Click here to experience the productivity revolution or visit

You might want to pay particular attention to the interview with our good friend Mary Kane from C2k. Well done, Mary!!


Have a great weekend and look for more exciting news next week.

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