A Live Meeting Across Europe

You may remember (or maybe not Sad smile ) that when I posted the results from the Innovative Education Forum Berlin 2010, I said that while Christ the Redeemer Primary didn’t win, they still garnered quite a bit of attention. One of those groups who loved the work that Matt, Neil, Kevin and Ciaran did with F1- “Students Driving Learning Forward” was Microsoft Education Croatia. My colleague Darko Jurekovic, Sr. Education Programme Manager Microsoft Croatia, loved the project and wanted to share it with schools across Europe.


Well, today that happened via Microsoft Live Meeting. The team from Christ the Redeemer prepared a new PowerPoint deck just for today outlining what they did, how they did it and what difference it made to their students. All of the supporting videos were created and delivered by the students themselves. You can see all of them on the School’s YouTube Channel.

So who attended? We just heard back from Darko and he told us:

“We had total of 39 participants, 12 more than on previous webinar. I recognised names from Armenia, Croatia, Cyprus, Estonia, Georgia, Ireland (both Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland, I presume), Russia, Scandinavia and the Baltics. Many thanks to all of you who forwarded the invitation to teachers and innovative educators in their countries as well as to those of you who attended the webinar yourselves.

The presentation today just deepened my admiration for this project and its authors. In Berlin I was impressed, literally carried away by its strong emotional and social component (helping underachieving pupils in once war-torn community not just to improve their learning outcomes, but also to boost their self-esteem and desire to learn too), presented so passionately by Matthew. Today I managed to learn more about the project structure, its well-thought organisation (13 stages over 8 weeks) and its successful execution. No wonder few teachers from Croatia approached me right after the webinar, seeking ways to establish cooperation between their schools and the team from Belfast. “

If you would like to see the recording of today’s presentation:

Webinar has been recorded and you can review (and download it) through the Live Meeting service:

Recording URL: https://www.livemeeting.com/cc/mspp/view

Recording ID: N. Ireland

Attendee Key: Participant

(your name and email may be required to access the recording)

(Note*- you can skip the 1st 6 1/2 minutes at the beginning for the time being- it’s us getting set up)

Recording of this webinar is also going to be published on the Partners in Learning network, and you’ll be able to reach it at the following address:


Please, note that recording is available in two versions:

1. Low resolution (WMF format, runs in Media Player), which reproduces only audio and ppt slides.

2. High resolution (runs in IE, may take some time to download on slow Internet connections), which reproduces webcam recordings and video clips as well.


A huge thank you to Darko, Iva, Marko and the whole Croatia Team that assisted in delivering the event. And another HUGE thanks go to the Teachers and Leadership (Paddy and Sinead) at Christ the Redeemer Primary School. Their drive and passion to bring the most meaningful, engaging and impactful learning opportunities to their students is a model for all of us.

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