Welcome back- ITN Competition Launch Announced

Well, I have been very slow in posting this school year but I thought the 1st one should be a big one. Today I am announcing the launch of this year’s Innovative Teachers Competition. All of the details are below, so please take a minute to read through and contact me if you have any questions.  Don’t wait until the 28th to start your work. Get an early jump on it 🙂

Please try and make it to the official launch on September 28th.



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European Innovative Teachers Forum Awards


The Microsoft European Innovative Teachers Forum Awards that takes place annually with the this year’s competition taking place in Moscow, Russia in March 2011 (dates to be confirmed)


In Northern Ireland the 2011 Innovative Teachers Forum Awards will be held in partnership with the Stranmillis University College, the Regional Training Unit (RTU), Classroom 2000 (C2k), UUJ and the Centre for Excellence in Leadership, Innovation and Learning (CELIL)

Are you using ICT in an innovative way to enhance teaching and learning?

Are you using technology in a way that is new and exciting for your school?

Do you have evidence that the work you do makes a difference with your students?

Special consideration given for projects focused on:

· Student Community Collaboration

· Solving environmental issues (Global/Regional/Local)

· Student self directed learning

· Cross Border curriculum collaboration 



Innovative Teachers Prize

The winning Teacher submission will win:

· Round trip flights from Belfast/Dublin to Moscow, Russia

· 5 nights accommodation

· The opportunity to represent their school and Northern Ireland at the annual European Innovative Education Forum (IEF) 

What is an innovation?

Teaching and learning is innovative if it is new and ground breaking in the context of the institution where it is being applied. What this means is that even if a school has only had computers for a short space of time, if teachers are doing something exciting with them, then they are being innovative. Other schools may have had technology for a long time, but their teachers are innovative if they continue to come up with new ways to enhance teaching and learning through the integration of ICT.

What is an innovative teacher?

• An innovative teacher is someone who teaches in a way that is new or groundbreaking at the school, while integrating ICT to support that teaching.

• An innovative teacher is someone who uses ICT in new or groundbreaking ways.

• An innovative teacher can demonstrate that teaching and learning has improved as a result of the approaches used.

How can teachers nominate themselves?

Firstly, you must register on the Partners in Learning website (http://www.partnersinlearningnetwork.com). You will be required to have a Live ID in order to register (https://signup.live.com/) and be sure to look for Global in the country dropdown list!!


You are then be required to join the NI IEF Moscow 2011 Community.

Click on the Community tab and search for NI IEF Moscow 2011


Submit a written description of your innovation using the Virtual Classroom Tour (VCT) template provided at the C2k Exchange (link to the form) or on the Partners in Learning sharesite. This can be accessed after you’ve registered for the site here or on my blogsite SkyDrive.

The judging panel will be made up from a select group of Microsoft, Stranmillis, QUB, RTU and C2k panellists. The two finalists will be selected to attend the European Innovative Education Forum (IEF) Awards in Moscow, Russiain March 2011 sponsored by Microsoft. Transportation and accommodation is included.

Northern Ireland winners at the European IEF competition will automatically be invited to the Worldwide Innovative Education Forum in Washington DC October 2011!!!!

Attend the launch of this year’s Innovative Teachers Competition

· Where– Centre for Excellence in Leadership, Innovation and Learning (CELIL) on the campus of Stranmillis University College (Map)

· When – Tuesday the 28th of September at 10:00- 12:00

· Who should attend– Head Teachers and individual Teachers using ICT to deliver their curriculum in an innovative way

· What will you see– past NI winners from Brazil and Berlin and a presentation on the rules and requirements for this year’s WE competition.

· How to book– just send Tom Jackson an email with the number of attendees


All entries must be received by December 10th  2010.

Submit entries (the completed VCT template) by uploading them onto “NI IEF Moscow 2011 Community”.

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