Ireland leads the way in Innovative Schools Pathfinder Programme

You may remember back on April 20th I launched the Microsoft Innovative Schools Programme. On the day, we asked that schools in  Northern Ireland  to consider applying for the Worldwide Pathfinder Programme. Well, 2 schools from NI and 1 school from the Republic of Ireland took up the challenge of submitting their applications on what was a detailed and rigorous process. There were entries from 48 countries from top schools from around the world. Only 60 schools were accepted into this 2-year programme.

I’m very proud to say that all 3 Ireland entries have been accepted into the programme. Those schools are:


Ashfield Girls HS in Belfast- they were led by Alison Mungavan, Principal and Cheryl Hoey, VP and the application staff team. From their application:

School Vision
The ethos of the school as stated in the school aims is that Ashfield Girls’ aspires to help all members of the school community to improve the quality of their lives through learning, living, caring and the need to leave our mark on the world in which we live. We endeavour to achieve this by integrating our use of digital and online technologies throughout the life of our wider school community.
The school’s vision is both reflected and embedded in the creation of the new build, and in our desire to create an information rich learning environment for the benefit of the whole school and the wider community. To this end the statement ‘Each Talented, Each Different, All Valued’ is evident in every aspect of the school’s development.



St. Mary’s College in Derry- they were led by Marie Lindsay, Principal and Lena McMorrow, VP and the application staff team. From their application:

School Vision
Our mission statement proclaims that we are a “Community of Learners growing in Faith, Learning for Life and aiming for excellence. We aspire to create an open, happy, stimulating and mutually respectful community environment in which young people are able to develop to the full range of their abilities and talents”. ICT infuses our life as a learning community.
As a school community, we believe and support the statement that “all young people should be learning with, through and about the use of digital and online technologies”. Our school uses technologies to empower our pupils, our staff, our governors, parents and our wider community. Our investment in their future is transparent and we demonstrate this commitment through consultation with our community and through investing in resources and investing in people.


imageBlackrock College in Dublin- They were led by Alan MacGinty, Principal and Sinead Nolan, VP and the application staff team. From their application:

School Vision
• To provide an environment in which faith is nurtured
• Pupils can develop their full potential
• Personal responsibility is promoted
• Pupils are prepared for an appropriate career
• Pupils are made aware of their cultural heritage
• Parental collaboration is promoted and encouraged

So now the work begins for these 3 outstanding schools. They will be working with and collaborating with leading innovative schools from around the world. It all starts with their attending the Worldwide Innovative Education Forum in Capetown, South Africa from October 25th-30th.

They will be joining Barry Corrigan , Ursula Hynes and David Walsh who will be competing in the WW Innovative Teachers competition as a result of their wins in Berlin

Congratulations to the Pathfinder winners

Good Luck to our Teachers in the competition

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