Busy Times Ahead

Things are really starting to hot up at this time of year, so I thought Id give you and update on what’s happening.

Cape_Town,_South_Africa1st and foremost, we’re preparing to head to Capetown South Africa this weekend for the Worldwide Innovative Education Forum. We will have teachers participating and competing in the Innovative Teachers competition. Barry, Ursula and David have been polishing their Virtual Classroom Tours (VCT) for the competition and you can see them HERE. Along with the Innovative Teachers competition there will be a track for the Innovative Schools Programme where our new Pathfinder Schools (Blackrock College, Ashfield Girls HS and St. Mary’s College) will be meeting Head Teachers and teaching staff from around the world. There will be 4 days of workshop activity, networking and collaboration, so their days will be very bust. The entire event will climax with a gala dinner on Friday evening (the 29th) where the winning Innovative Teachers will be announced, so fingers crossed Smile

Moscow, The KremlinNext I want to remind the teachers in Northern Ireland to enter in the NI Innovative Teachers Competition. There is still plenty of time before the December 10th closing. I have purposely keep the submission VCT shorter with only 2 slides required. Please take some time and have a look at the great work you’ve been doing using ICT to teach and get your entry in. The winning VCT will be going all-expenses paid to Moscow in March 2011 to compete against teachers from 42 European and Eastern European countries.

imageIt doesn’t slow down on my return. On November 5th there will be a terrific ICT event taking place at dual locations- Ashfield Girls HS in Belfast and the Millennium Forum in Derry/Londonderry. It is part of the BringITon Campaign run by Momentum. Microsoft will be delivering a keynote at each venue. Clare Dillon, Developer and Platform Lead for Microsoft Ireland, will be speaking in Belfast and Mary McHale, Director of International Project Managing Microsoft Ireland, will be speaking in the Millennium Forum.

On the 10th November I will be presenting Microsoft Education software tips and tricks at the BT Young Scientist Exhibition event taking place in Stormont Building the seat of the Northern Ireland assembly.

Then I November 11th I am hosting an event for the CIOs and ICT Teams from Northern Ireland’s Further and Higher Education Colleges (FEs) and Universities (HEs). It is a full day covering Live@Edu, Azure, SharePoint 2010, CRM, Office 2010, OCS and Virtualization.

So make sure you bookmark this site and keep updated.

You can also follow me on Twitter at www.twitter.com/tjinbelfast

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