The Capetown Experience #1

Well, it’s taken awhile but I have finally found some time to get an update on what has been happening. Kevin and I arrived on Sunday morning and despite a 12 hour flight, we got stuck into seeing what we could the 1st day. We took a city open top bus tour (always recommended when visiting any city for the 1st time). It immediately gives you a sense of the layout of the city along with the history. And as you know, South Africa has some terrible history. If you want to give your students an assignment, have them research “District 6”. I never knew the extend the government went to during that time, but it still makes you feel sick when you hear what was done.

We jumped off the bus at the base of Table Mountain and took the cable car to the top. It is one of those things you do and say to yourself “I can’t believe I could have lived my life without witnessing this!”. It is absolutely stunning.

The teams from Ireland (Ursula, David, Sinead and Deirdre) came in on Sunday evening and the team (Marie, Katrina, Alison, Cheryl, Barry and Victor) from Northern Ireland came in on Monday morning. The event kicked off with school visits on Tuesday, but Kevin, Seamus Ryan (Co Meath VEC) and I had the privilege of being able to visit the Bonteheuwel High School just outside of Capetown. Seamus had arranged to donate some computers and accessories. This is a school of 760 students and 23 teachers where there is 90% unemployment. Talk about challenges!! But that doesn’t deter Nicola Pather, Principal, and her amazing staff.

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I apologise for the delay in getting any blogs up for this amazing experience. There will be more to follow in the coming days

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