The Capetown Experience # 2- A Worldwide Winner!!

Before I tell you any more about what happened over the week while we were in Capetown, I have to tell you that Northern Ireland had our 1st worldwide winner!!

Barry Corrigan

Millennium Integrated Primary school- Saintfield Co. Down

“Making Homework Count- Engaging Parents-Bridging the Divide”

Won 2nd Place for Community

Barry getting award

Linda Zecher, Microsoft VP for Public Sector
Barry Corrigan
Lauren Woodman, Microsoft GM for Government and Education Engagement


This is an absolutely huge honour and achievement for Barry and the work he has done. It is the 1st time ever that a NI Teacher has won an award at this global teaching event. There were 105 submissions from 72 countries and these were the “best of the best”. Every entry had won their regional competition, as Barry had done in Berlin.

Congratulations to Barry, Mary Roulston, Principal and especially

The Students and Parents at Millennium Integrated Primary!!

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