Moscow here we come!!

As you’re aware by now, we’ll be heading off to Moscow, Russia this weekend for the European Innovative Education Forum (IEF) 2011. This is the annual regional event where there will be 108 teachers from 42 countries in Europe and Central Eastern Europe meet up to showcase the innovative work they’ve done in the past year. All of the teachers taking part have won Innovative Teachers competitions in their home countries and now they get the opportunity to exhibit their terrific work and compete for the 18 winning places to compete at the Worldwide IEF taking place in Washington DC in November.

This year I will be taking 3 teachers to the European IEF 2011. They are:

  • Christine Murphy Gardner- Ballyclare HS in Ballyclare Northern Ireland.

imageHer work is entitled: Empowering Communities-targeting innovation at the heart of learning

In her own words:

“My mission is to move beyond the curriculum and ensure that ICT is innovative, fun, motivational, interactive and creative. Through the Empowering Communities Project children use online technologies, collaborate with their peers and specialists online, video conference, work from home, use email, complete online courses, use emerging technologies, create websites, create voicethreads, use ICT innovatively at Foundation, Key Stage 1 and 2 (5-11 years) and much more! For many, the Empowering Communities Project can be a child’s first experience of innovative ICT.”

  • Doreen McHale- St Philomena’s Primary School, Bray, Co. Wicklow, Ireland


imageHer work is entitled : Birds of Bray

In her own words:

“The primary goal of this project was to develop the pupils’ non-fiction report writing skills within the context of a local wild bird study. A wide range of learning activities was designed to encourage the pupils to observe, identify and investigate the birds in the local environment. The pupils were given the opportunity to develop these new skills through observation, research, shared learning.

Web 2.0 tools, in particular blogs, were used to collaborate with others on shared research and report writing projects. It was hoped that the use of digital technologies would provide opportunities for the pupils to develop their research skills, increase motivation to engage in shared non-fiction writing activities and cultivate an appreciation and respect for the diversity of birds in the local area. “

  • Cathal O’Connell- Scoilnet Ireland

imageHis work is entitled: Keep on track

In his own words:

“This project extends the possibilities for learning for the children involved beyond the classroom. It engages them with their local environment, both built and natural. It allows them to become historians, learning to think and act as historians, researching, and recording, inferring, analysing, compiling information.”

You can see their work by either clicking on the photos or going HERE

Also joining us in Moscow will be Mr Rory O’Toole, Principal at Scoil Chonglais Post-Primary School . Mr O’Toole will be attending the Microsoft Innovative Schools track to determine whether or not his school will apply for the Pathfinder 2011/12 Programme.

if your school is interested in the Microsoft Innovative Schools Pathfinder Programme you can find the details on the Partners In Learning Network site. (Registration with Live ID required). Then you need to join the Worldwide Innovative Schools Community

I hope you will wish our teachers GOOD LUCK!!

You can follow the updates on this site and on

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