IEF Moscow Day 2 + 3

Well, it’s harder than you think when you want to find time to update the site when so much is going on. The Forum has officially ended other than the Gala Dinner (more on that in a bit).

Day 2 (yesterday) started out with opening remarks from Teo Milev, CEE Regional Lead for Partners in Learning. Then we heard from Dr Alexander Asmolov, Head of Federal Institute of Education Department. Finishing up prior to lunch was John Davitt who is listed as an International Learning Advocate. His presentation was the highlight of the morning session and will be made available in the coming days.


IMG_4749After lunch there were a series of workshops and it was difficult to choose as they all were terrific in their own right. I was able to attend:

    • Creativity and Innovation using Microsoft Technologies by Stuart Ball
    • SHOUT! by Mandeep Atwal
    • IT Academy- a road to increased employability

IMG_4750Then it was back to the hotel and a quick change for dinner as a group at the traditional Russian restaurant Durdin. I have never seen more food on 1 table in my life and that was only the starters! When everyone felt they were full and finished, the waitresses arrived with the main course of whole fish and steak. Deirdre looks stunned by it all Smile


Then it was time for the teams to meet back at the hotel and as it so often happens, a sing along broke out led by the Welsh and Irish. We were joined by Portugal, Spain, Germany, Belgium, Sweden and a couple of others but it got a bit fuzzy by that point

Day 3 today was the wrap up of the event. The keynote was from Mary Cullinane, Microsoft Director of Strategy and Innovation in Education. Mary had been the Microsoft lead in the Philadelphia School of the Future and is a highly regarded and respected educationalist.

There was visit from some Russians schools which gave them the opportunity to see the terrific projects that were exhibited all week.

Now we just wait for this evening. The Gala Dinners at these events are always something special and tonight will be no different. It is taking place at Yar Restaurant.


The Yar Restaurant was founded in 1826, nowadays the Yar is completely restored, its interiors fully redecorated, but it preserves the atmosphere of the early 20 century.

It should be a fantastic night and fingers crossed for our 3 Irish entries.

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One Response to IEF Moscow Day 2 + 3

  1. Rose Lawlor says:

    Здравствуй Tom, looks lik you all had a great time. Love the photo of Deirdre and the scared look on her face! Looks like a great trip and a fantastic competition.

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