Meandering places and thoughts

I had some spare time today, so I felt I ought to put up some of the items I’ve seen recently that might be of interest.

From Mary-Jo Foley’s website:

The updated SkyDrive — which is basically Microsoft’s free Dropbox competitor — has been revised to incorporate HTML5 via the new SkyDrive Web site

I love the speed and look of the new and improved SkyDrive. He is a look at my site:

image image

I always want to know what Barry Corrigan is up to as he is one of this year’s Microsoft’s 12 Most Innovative Teachers in the World. Barry really gets what 21st Century Learning is all about. Take a look at his most recent post on “Challenging Times”. It addresses an important issue (especially here in NI Smile) and makes it something that Primary School students can relate to and understand. Just Fantastic!!


And last but not least (for now) a video that I was directed to from Jane Hart’s C4LPT website. If Social Media is your thing, Jane’s site is an absolute must.

I’ll be back soon so make sure to bookmark this site.

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