Another Great Resource for Teachers

As you know, I follow quite a few educators from around the world. In the past I have talked about Kevin Cummins and his Edgalaxy site and Jane Hart with her Centre for Learning and Performance Technology site. I have recently come across another fantastic Teacher in the States who is an amazing source for what is happening in the world of Web 2.0 for Education. His name is Richard Byrne and his site is just simply called “Free Technology for Teachers”. Since I can across his site, I find myself checking it out almost daily.


One particular link I used just today was from his post on Tuesday September 20th  “Three good sites where Teachers can learn Tech skills”. I looked at his recommendation for Think Tutorial and under the Microsoft Office site I learned how to embed a live web site page into a PowerPoint. I had never seen this before and it is so much better that just taking a screen clipping because it lets you actually navigate the website LIVE while you are still in the presentation. This is a really powerful add-in and I’m certain I will be using it for quite some time. Thanks Richard.

Just a reminder to all of the Northern Ireland Teachers out there.

The launch for this year’s NI Innovative Teachers Competition is next Monday at 4:00 at Stranmillis University College. I would really love to see a lot of you and your colleagues there. Coffee and Tea available from 3:30.

Spread the Word!!!

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  1. Phebe says:

    Good article. Its realy good. Many info help me.

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