Let the Competition Begin!!

The launch of the Northern Ireland Innovative Teachers Competition took place yesterday afternoon on the campus of Stranmillis University College in the Centre of Excellence for Leadership Innovation and Learning (CELIL). There was a terrific turnout of Teachers and Head Teachers. The feedback and enthusiasm of everyone in attendance was very promising for what should be our best competition to date.  There were quite a few teachers who were unable to attend due to prior engagements and distance but the overall response has been fantastic. A huge thanks go to the staff at C2k and RTU for putting the launch details on their respective websites.

Here is the video I created to kick off the event:


If you want to know more about what you need to do to enter, you can find all of the relevant information on my SkyDrive in the IEF Lisbon 2012 folder. You will see the PowerPoint that was shown on the day along with the template for the Virtual Classroom Tour (VCT) along with other supporting documentation. Please note: you may have to access the documents from home as SkyDrive is currently blocked on the C2k Network Sad smile

Remember some key points you may have missed by not being able to attend yesterday:

  • It’s about the LEARNER
  • Technology is an enabler- it shouldn’t be the story but needs to be identified
  • Keep your VCT to a minimum- we will require much more detail from the eventual winner, but for now tell us what the “heart of the project” was
  • Cover off as many of the VCT areas as your project allows
  • Have at least 1 video to support what you’ve done-preferably a LEARNER(S) taking about the difference it made (if possible-winner will be required to create video evidence)

Please keep in mind:

This is a competition run and completely sponsored by Microsoft. While we understand educators are using a wide variety of exciting and innovative software applications and Web 2.0 technologies, there is an expectation that the core work will include Microsoft software.

And last but not least

Cut-off date for submissions is

December 9th


I look forward to seeing you exciting and innovative projects. Please do not hesitate to contact me should you have any questions

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