Global Forum Day 1 (Nov 7th)

Well, we all arrived in Washington DC safely for the Worldwide Global Forum 2011. The hotel venue is fantastic. JW Marriott on Pennsylvania Ave is just 2 blocks away from the White House. You can’t be in a much better location than that!!

In case you thought this was a jolly for 4 days, I thought I’d share what the agendas look like for the 3 tracks. The Pathfinder and Mentor Schools are on the Schools Track (St Mary’s and Scoil Chonglais). The competing Teachers are on the Educators Track (Doreen and Christine). The Master Teacher Coaches are on the Institute Track (Rose). So, they’re earning their way here over and above all of the great work they’ve done just to get here.


The workshops started at 9:00 for all 3 tracks. I have been moving from one to another to witness what’s been taking place and can say the interaction and collaboration is in full swing right out of the gates. The Schools track has a presentation from Will Richardson and he was very thought provoking and entertaining. That’s not always easy to do. Believe me, I struggle to get that balance right when I present to Teachers. In his own words:

“I’m an outspoken advocate for change in schools and classrooms in the context of the diverse new learning opportunities that the Web and other technologies now offer.”

An added bonus was that he is also a New Jersey boy (like me). I will surely follow him on Twitter now (@willrich45). He also presented to the Educator’s Track after lunch.

The workshops continued after lunch and the atmosphere was buzzing . You can see Lena, Rory and Fiona hard at it.SmileOpening work

I had to bounce from track to track and I was lucky to sit in and listen to the presentation from Claudine Brown, Assistant Secretary for Education and Access, Smithsonian Institution. She announced the 2nd year of the partnership with Microsoft and the Shout programme which this year will focus on Water Matters 2012.

I also sat in a tips and tricks workshop for OneNote and I think I completed about 20 days of 10k A Day items. So there is still plenty to learn even when you think you’re pretty good with an application like OneNote. Thanks to Sean Tierney and Travis Smith.

The day is wrapping up and Christine and Doreen are now going in to set up their exhibitions for this week. I’ll have some pictures up tomorrow along with some pics from the Opening Reception this evening at the National American History Museum.

Follow the tweets for the Forum at #pilgf

BTW-It was just confirmed that the Team from Ireland have been invited to


WELL DONE TO KEVIN-my Supreme LeaderSmile

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One Response to Global Forum Day 1 (Nov 7th)

  1. marie lindsay says:

    Greetings to you all from St Mary’s, enjoy the conference and best of luck to Doreen and Christine. I hope you are not working Lena too hard! enjoy -marie

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