Global Forum 2011 Wrap-up

As you’ve seen in my previous article, Doreen McHale took 1st Runner-up in her category. This is a tremendous achievement to be chosen as one of the TOP 12 TEACHERS IN THE WORLD!! You can see the full list of the 18 winners in their respective categories HERE

I should also mention that Christine Murphy-Gardener’s project was received really well and was judged by the Russian delegation as the best project of the entire event!! I wanted to personally congratulate Christine on her outstanding work and had hoped she could have been recognised at the awards. Still, a trip to Moscow and Washington DC is not a bad consolation Smile

Having participated in 5 Worldwide events now, I can confidently state the standard of the work, the learning outcomes for students and the presentation skills of the participating Educators has reached new heights. It is an exciting and inspirational time of dramatic change in Education across the world and we are being given the privilege of watching it happen first-hand. There are many people who have opinions about Microsoft (both good and not so good), but I don’t see any other companies so committed to working directly with Teachers and Educators across the globe to help bring about the change that is demanded by students and teachers. It is a blessing to be given the opportunity to work with Microsoft and lead the Partners in Learning Programme in my “adopted” country of Northern Ireland.

Here are some videos to give you a feel for what has happened over those 4 amazing days in Washington DC.

You can see all of the Global Forum and Partners in Learning videos HERE

Now we get ready for submissions to this year’s Northern Ireland Innovative Educators competition.

Make sure you get your VCTs in to me by

December 9th!!

Any winners in Lisbon, Portugal in March will automatically be invited to next year’s Global Forum 2012 in

Athens at night

Athens Greece !!

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