MoneySense for Education

imageLast week I was invited to attend the launch of MoneySense and give a short talk about this new initiative from the Ulster Bank in Ireland. There were students and teachers there from both NI and the Republic. Ulster Bank have partnered with my old friends at to deliver an online tool to teach students how to understand Money in a real sense. What makes this especially unique is that Wholeschool has “mapped” this to the Northern Ireland school curriculum for all user age groups. That means Teachers and schools can get it embedded into their lesson plans and not have to face that huge task of figuring what maps to what. The have used Wholeshool’s “Curriculum Mapping” software that is now in many schools throughout the province. There are resources available for students, schools and parents.

This is a tremendous example of how Education can work when the Business Sector engages with Education vendors to deliver real Web 2.0 tools to meet the needs of delivering 21st Century Skills. I thank Bill White from EduIncentive for inviting me to take part. I congratulate both the Ulster Bank and the team at Wholeschool for this innovative and extremely important initiative.

From the Ulster Bank site “About MoneySense”:

imageMoneySense™ is the largest financial education resource for secondary schools in Ireland. Launched in 2007, hundreds of teachers have embraced the programme. They are now actively using it to prepare their students for the financial challenges of living as independent adults, teaching them about money management, budgeting, saving, borrowing and how to manage a bank account.
Aimed at students aged 12 to 18 and developed in partnership with teachers, the online, interactive resources are completely free to schools and have strong links to the Irish curriculum.

Given the complexities and uncertainties of today’s global economy, it is now more important than ever for young people to learn how to manage their own finances.
The MoneySense for Schools programme is designed to teach students what money is all about, how banks and other financial providers work and how to manage their personal finances, both now and in the future.

MoneySense is an impartial programme which does not reference or promote products or services.

This is a totally free service and I don’t envision any issues around any student, school or parent using it

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