David Young wins 1st Place in Lisbon

Logo for LisbonIt’s taken me a few days to find the time to put this together and I apologise to David and all of those waiting to hear the details. As you all know, David Young from Limavady HS was representing Northern Ireland at this year’s Partners in Learning European Forum 2012 which took place in Lisbon, Portugal last week. There were 6 categories with a winner and 3 runner-ups in each category. All 24 winners will be going to the Worldwide PiLs Forum in Athens in November. It was a long and very nervous wait for David’s category (Cutting Edge Technology for Learning) to be announced as it was the last of the 6 and 20 winners had already been named. Having heard the 3rd runner-up, then the 2nd and then the 1st without a win, the nerves were stretched to breaking point. When the final name of the 24 was announced and it was David, there was a huge ovation from the entire Forum, but especially from the Irish and UK teams.

David on stage

David with Stefan Sjoestroem, Microsoft GM for WE Public Sector

This is an amazing result for David, Limavady HS and education as a whole for Northern Ireland. I’ve been saying for years that teachers in NI are doing really innovative and creative work using ICT in the classroom delivering 21st Century Skills to their students. This is at the core of what the Partners in Learning programmes are about; highlighting the work of individual teachers and helping teachers how to best use and embed ICT in their classroom curriculum.

A quote from Dr. Victor McNair, Senior Lisbon Forum Judge:

“It isn’t so much David’s use of a range of technologies that make his teaching approach innovative.  Rather, it is the real-life application of the school curriculum. He treats his pupils like design experts and trains them to engage with real clients and to  solve real problems  when they get back to the classroom. During the many client meetings he gets them to arrange, they  experience their clients’ hopes, fears and demands as well as seeing  first-hand what designers have to do to make a living. His cutting-edge use of technology, while nothing new in technology and design departments in Northern Ireland schools, is utilised much more effectively than most to produce the most amazing concept buildings. His  client focus does not stop with the exams either.  He uses the expertise of his older pupils to foster a client and professional approach with the younger pupils, thus ensuring that the ‘studio’ atmosphere of his classroom is maintained and developed over the years.   David’ energy is refreshing and stimulating and his pupils seem to take hard work, innovation and success as  the norm.”   

In case you haven’t seen it before, here are David’s entry video and his video after the event. I’m sure you’ll join me a congratulating David on this fantastic piece of teaching and wish him the best of luck in Athens!!!


Clicking on photo will take you to the Vimeo Video


Clicking on photo will take you to the Vimeo Video

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  2. Thank you so much for spending free time to publish “David Young wins 1st Place in Lisbon |
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