Update on Microsoft SkyDrive


SkyDrive now becomes an integral part of Windows 8, Windows 7, and Windows Vista (and Mac OS X)! Read on….

  • SkyDrive for the Windows desktop View and manage SkyDrive files & folder directly from Windows Explorer with this new preview app. Drag-and-drop to/ from SkyDrive using Windows Explorer. Files stored in your SkyDrive are in a plain folder on your PC, which means any app that works with local folders and files can now work with SkyDrive.
  • Fetch files remotely Easily access files from your internet-connected PC – from anywhere in the world via SkyDrive.com.
  • Windows Phone and iPhone – Better management features and sharing options in the SkyDrive App. Now available for iPad too. Not that we have any of those.
  • Single file upload limit increased to 2GB.
  • New preview client for Mac OS X Lion, letting you manage your SkyDrive right from the Finder. (70% of Mac users regularly use a PC).
  • SkyDrive storage updates. 7GB free for all new SkyDrive users. This is down from 25GB previously L BUT 99.4% of SkyDrive customers today use 7GB or less. Paid storage plans (+20GB, +50GB, +100GB) available at competitive prices (€8/year, €19/year, €37/year).

Note that any registered SkyDrive user who has uploaded files to SkyDrive as of April 22nd can opt in to keep 25GB of free storage. (Users already 4GB or more as of April 1 are automatically given 25GB).

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