Teachtec – a one stop shop

For those of you who follow this blog on a regular basis (God bless you Angel), you’ll know that I try and keep on top of all of the free software from Microsoft that focuses on Education. I will continue to do that but if you want a website with everything we do with links to all of our Educational Resources (for free), you should bookmark the Teachtec site which has 108 resources gathered in 1 place!! It can’t get any easier than that.


It should be noted that some of the resources will require you to be registered on the Partners in Learning Network. For Teachers from Northern Ireland, please note you must choose NI from the country dropdown list and fill in your complete profile (school, grades taught, devices, etc.). You can find walkthrough instructions for registration HERE

From the site:

Updated 3.18.2012 Microsoft Partners in Learning helps educators connect, collaborate, create and share. TeachTec is a Microsoft Partners in Learning resource that helps educators find relevant and effective ways to use technology to inspire teaching and engage students. Together we have consolidated the latest and most popular teacher and student resources that Microsoft provides to all schools, districts and education organizations around the world.

This site will help you build a collection of these resources and programs to share with other teachers, peers, or students by adding the self-selected bookmarks to your clipboard, for simple copy and pasting, or an email (client required) that you can send to yourself or to that educator whom you know will love a particular resource you discovered or experienced at one of Microsoft’s Educator events.

Creating your list of Resources:

  1. Browse through Resources
  2. Click Bookmark it to add selected resources to Bookmarks list
  3. Click Copy to Clipboard to copy your selected Bookmarks to your computers Clipboard. These can pasted into any application that accepts copied text


Click Share Bookmarks to generate an email (client required). Complete the To: portion of the email message and click send

Narrowing Results:

  1. Click the drop down arrow next to Subject, Audience, Type, or Site
  2. Select one or multiple criteria to narrow your resource list (Example: Selecting Technology for Subject shows 17 Resources, selecting Technology and Website for Type shows 15 Resources)
  3. Follow the steps in Creating your list of Resources to finish creating your list

Feedback always welcomed, enjoy! – @TeachTec

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