PILSR Launch in NI a Huge Success

I’ll start by apologising for the delay in following up last week’s Partners in Learning School Research (PILSR) launch last Wednesday. I had to leave right away to attend my daughter’s wedding in the States so I’m sure you’ll excuse my tardiness Smile.

I think I can say with some confidence that it was a success. Other than the fact I neglected to order some food (or at least biscuits) for the attendees and for which I apologise, I think everyone felt it was a worthwhile event. There were over 180 attendees from more than 100 schools in NI. A huge thanks goes out to Tina and Sabheal from the RTU for doing such a stellar job on organisation and registration.

Dr Hesketh open the event and the I presented an overview of Microsoft’s Partners in Learning Programme. You can find my presentation HERE.

image I was followed by Dr. Deirdre Butler from Langworthy Research. Deirdre showcased the Innovative Teaching and Learning (ITL) Research that formed the basis for the PILSR programme. There was an active Q&A discussion at the end of her presentation which showed a high level of interest in what was being done. You can find Deirdre’s complete presentation HERE.

Mrs Marie Lindsay, Principal from St Mary’s College Derry, then presented her schools findings from having done the survey prior to the launch. Marie was an enthusiastic and excited user of the survey and highlighted key areas she will look to address with her team in the coming months.

imageI then presented the information on how to set-up and launch the survey in an individual school. It should be noted that the assigned administrator setting up the survey requires a Live Microsoft account (Hotmail or Live). They can then send the url links to the staff using the existing email addresses of the teachers and classroom assistants. I also showcased the Partners in Learning Network and what the next steps will be once the schools have completed the survey (80% of staff required). You can find my presentation HERE.

We then closed the event with a few words from Dr Hesketh and I took the liberty of filming what I could. Here is what I captured:

You can find all of the event documentation and presentations HERE and the signup video I created is also there.

Please note: if you didn’t or were not able to attend the launch, we would still strongly encourage you to sign-up and launch the survey in your school.

The larger the number of NI schools participating the better the province picture we will see and be able to compare to your individual school.

Please don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any questions or require any additional information.

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